I defended my dissertation proposal (virtually!) on March 24, 2020. The current title is “Promoting cost-effectiveness for public health policymaking: the case of sugar-sweetened beverages.”

In my first aim, I’ll be assessing the comparative cost-effectiveness of two sugar-sweetened beverage policies, a 1 cent per fluid ounce tax and health warning labels.

  • Aim 1 / part 1 is the microsimulation model that I am currently working on coding in R. I am focusing on adults aged 18+ and simulating a closed cohort of the life course.

  • Aim 1 / part 2 is doing a deep dive into some of the less-studied cost aspects of these policies. Previous studies have focused largely on industry and government compliance costs and healthcare costs. I will also consider costs associated with lobbying and advocacy, litigation, and policy production.

In my second aim, I am thinking about how researchers can better communicate with policymakers. Using existing data, my work has found that state legislators differ in how they prefer to have research information presented. My analyses for this aim are completed and I am working on the full writeup. I’ll be presenting my results at the IAPHS 2020 conference at the beginning of October.